Humankind on this planet has made some amazing strides of late.

Think about trying to explain computers and the Internet - stuff that kids today completely take for granted - to the people on this planet a thousand years ago.

Now look through The Hubble Telescope.

Maybe there are civilizations out there that got to this point a billion years ago.

It’s like Jesus said. “There is so much I want to tell you, but you can’t hear it now.”

People can’t hear, unless they possess the concepts that allow them to think along those lines.

Maybe we don’t need spaceships to travel around the universe. Maybe that’s just a stupid concept, having to do with life on a primitive planet. Maybe citizens of advanced civilizations can come and go here as they please.

Then where are they? Why don’t they make contact? Why don’t they help us out - make life better?

Think about those primitive rain forest tribes that someone discovers from time to time.

Wouldn’t it be kind of disappointing if, next time someone went back, they were all living in air-conditioned mobile homes?

We choose to come to this planet and lead these lives.

These lives are deeply rooted in the concepts and understanding of this particular time and place. This is a rich and fascinating time and place to be – and every life is equally rich and fascinating – as are all lives of all times and places.

Having someone of an advanced culture come and start playing with this time and place – would be like going to the movie theater and having some guy in the audience shine a spotlight at the screen.

It would mess up the movie.

That said, the inhabitants of this time and place are about to take a hyper-leap in their understanding of what life on this planet can be about.

It’s one of the special things about this particular time and place.

People can’t hear it just yet, but they are starting to think about it.

Maybe there is something out there, an understanding that is as real as rocks, that blows away everything I have ever thought, times a billion.

Maybe the only reason that I am not seeing this thing, is because I never looked beyond what I believe.

Maybe one of the lessons we can learn from primitive rain forest tribes, is about how experience, defines belief.

Experience something new, and become someone different.

Tim Folzenlogen
October 21, 2002