Many of the sitcoms of today, are the pornography of 30 years ago.

Many of the jokes on TV, the situations we easily laugh about - contain subject matter that, if we so much as thought about 30 years ago - we might have worried about going to hell.

Did God change?

Go back 100 years, 300 years, 6000 years.

In order to feel good about your relationship with God back then - you may have stood in the crowd that was burning the witch — or sacrificing virgins.

What was seen as being bad back then - often becomes a good thing with greater understanding.

Conversely, what was once seen as being good and acceptable behavior — might later be seen as murder, by a more enlightened society.

It’s not GOD who decides such things.

It’s the attitudes that govern that time and place — and they simply are what they are — and the vast majority buy into those concepts — unquestioningly — accepting it all as being true, good and moral.

Every time, stands on the foundation of all past times — and so every time sees itself as being enlightened by comparison. People of all times feel that their understanding is best.

But today, obviously, still, if you open your eyes - this is an extremely primitive culture that we live in.

White people are better than people of color. Most people believe this — even lots of people of color.

Rich people are better than poor people. Money decides almost everything.

Celebrities are our real gods. If you want society to care about you - you better be rich and good-looking.

We still have wars - all the time. Buildings are always exploding somewhere.

Millions are starving to death.

Even so, hardly anyone, of any time, wants to go backwards in time.

New is consistently better, for the most part, all things considered. There is indeed an evolution of thought occurring, and by-and-large, it moves toward a more-healthy environment for everyone.

But yo.

Wake up and smell the fucking coffee.

What we got going out there today - isn’t all that far along the road from sacrificing virgins.

It’s like the real world has yet to be born.

We are still going through labor pains, trying to figure out who we are.

When we finally do slip through that cosmic pussy - who we will finally be is everybody.

Tim Folzenlogen
September 26, 2002