Oh please.

Come on.

This is just New Agey shit.

You’re just dreaming, and you want to turn other people into dreamers.

It’s not going to happen.

Get real.


Getting real is what I’m all about.

Ask anyone who has ever met me.


What I’m about is something that simply is. Like gravity simply is. Anyone who looks at it,, thinks about it, will come to understand it. It’s as real as rocks.

They always have saw it, only they didn’t know what they were seeing. Like people always watched birds fly, but never thought of air as being a substance, until people started flying.

It’s not about a belief system.

It’s not about me.

I’m little more than a signpost, that announces to people passing by that they have arrived at this place.

Humankind, on this planet, has evolved to the point that they are now equipped to start living life in a radically different way - as, I’m sure, life is enjoyed in more advanced civilizations in other galaxies.

I’m little more than a step ahead of most.

Once getting there, once passing that sign, you can forget all about me.


No one can convince you of the reality of what I’m saying, except for you yourself.

I am not you.

Only you know you.

Only you know what it will take to convince you of anything.

This thing I’m talking about, it knows every single thing about you - and is madly in love with every little in and out.

It knows exactly how to talk to you, in a way that will be impossible for you to deny.

All you have to do is ask.

What’s your question?

Do you even know?

If you do, ask the universe, and expect an answer.

Just accept your stupidity. Acknowledge that you need an answer, because you do not know. Lose the concepts. The answers lie outside your current understanding. Open your eyes with wonder.

Deal with what happens around you.

Express your evolving thoughts and questions as they occur.

Run toward your fears. That is where the really great lessons can be found — and one of them is that there is nothing to fear. You will definitely come to understand this, as long as you act, without hesitation - and do or say what your intuition tells you that you must.


The solutions to the problems on this planet have little to do with leaders and government.

The world will quickly change, like The Beatles changed the music scene, once people start appreciating the possibility that there might be something magical about life on this planet - that thus far has gone unseen.

All they have to do is wonder — wonder about the possibility of something existing that is far greater (a billion times greater) than their current understanding.

Then it’s a simple matter of walking through the obvious doors, as they present themselves to you.

Tell others what you see. Every door represents an entirely new and different view.

A magical view.

It’s the kind of thing that will spread like a wild fire.

It’s a real feel-good kind of a thing.

Nothing will stop it.

No one will want to stop it.

Tim Folzenlogen
October 1, 2002