Tim Folzenlogen

"We are what we experience. Experience something new and become someone different."

Day Six – Harlem – 125th Street

When I was first putting together this website, I had just come off a summer during which I had gone fishing nearly every afternoon on the Hudson River.

(Read the essay: “Last Year”.)

So when I picked a photo to put on my Biography page, I chose one of me fishing. I like it that I have my shirt off. I look naked: the naked fisherman.

That’s who I am now. I never hold anything back from anyone any more. I’m completely exposed.

Being on the street is a lot like fishing. I’m not looking to hand out thousands of cards – but rather I’m looking to catch the one big fish – the person who will deeply connect to what I’m about – the connection that will then lead to other connections rooted in that same depth of heart.

Fishing on 125th Street is like scuba diving on a tropical reef. These are some colorful waters.

For me, being in Harlem is akin to the feeling I had growing up in my own neighborhood as a kid.

It’s like everyone knows each other – everyone cuts the other the slack to be who they are. The conversations get real – real quick. “Who are you and what are you about?”

I had some really interesting conversations with people representing a wide swath of what’s out there.

All of them, very sincere.

May 20, 2003