Introduction to this series


I've been writing for as long as I've been painting.

Many of my shows have had a series of writings connected to them.

This series is my most recent and is self-explanatory. Basically, it's the telling of how I went about approaching Mary Boone.

It started with a letter.

Then I decided to make it into a series, which I sent to her postal at intervals of every few days. Sometimes it took longer. Each "chapter" came with the reproduction of one of my images. I've tried to recreate the same affect here. Each page begins with an image. Scroll down for the writing.

The series then continues with the telling of what happened once the postal series reached its completion.

The story is not over as I write this. My intention is to stop by the gallery in the fall with three small paintings. I'm still working on them. They are beautiful.

I also wanted to wait until this link was up and running, as this is an important part of my presentation. Maybe this is the conceptual side of my art.

The concept behind this particular package has to do with the importance of self-determination in walking one's course. Especially this one, where there is no corporate ladder to climb. Everything is new.

I also like how it nicely ties in with all the reality-based media we see today. This is beyond performance. This is real, naturally so.

This project also has the potential of providing a lot of insight into my painting. Art is nothing more than the external manifestation of a person's character. Even the muse (whatever that is) has to work within the limitations of an artist's thought. Life experiences and thought processes have everything to do with who I am and why I make the decisions I do within the painting.

But beyond all that, this is just what I happen to be doing at this time. It seemed like an interesting idea, and I always act on my inspirations.

I hope you find value in it.

Thanks for reading.

Tim Folzenlogen
June 18, 2001

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