"BROOKLYN BRIDGE " 32" X 48" 2000



M B Modern


In 1998 I had a really tough year.

Plans for a three-city show in Japan fell through due to their economy.

So I put together a show in Soho, and I didn't sell a single painting while the show was up.

I was scrambling. It got bad. Finances in a total nose-dive. The end was clearly in sight.

And then the phone rings.

The guy tells me his name is Louis Newman, that he is the director of M B Modern, and that he has been looking for me for thirteen years.

He had seen my work in a small gallery I had shown in for a short time before it went out of business. He couldn't remember my name, and since the gallery had closed, he had no way of finding out.

He was cleaning out an old file cabinet and came across the resume he had picked up on the earlier occasion. I'm in the phone book.

So he came to my studio and spent three hours talking to me. I was extremely impressed.

I delivered work to the gallery the following day, and the day after that he sold the first of many.

In all, I will have had two solo shows, and participated in two group shows in my short time with MB. It has been a great experience. Their staff is wonderful. As stated earlier, my next show will be the gallery's last.

I'm sure I speak for many when I say that I'll be sad to see them go.


Tim Folzenlogen
MB Modern, March 2001