"Golden Light " 13.5" x 18" pastel/paper 2001



Screw 8

My pastel show at Kerygma Gallery had opened, and I had no more shows scheduled.

I hadn't heard a thing from Mary. Had she read any of the letters I had sent to her? Did she see my small paintings? Had she checked out my website? I had no idea.

I needed to find out if Mary was going to look at the new series I am working on. If not, I had to find another gallery, and soon.

So I called Ron at the gallery.

He was kind of pressed for time, as they had an opening in a few hours. He said that he didn't know if Mary was interested, but that he would call me if she was. That was pretty much the extent of the conversation.

After I hung up, I realized I hadn't asked him about the three small paintings. If she is not interested, I definitely wanted them back.

So I called again the next day, was put on hold, then told that Ron was in a meeting. I left my number with a message that I just wanted to ask him something, but he never called back.


I didn't want to bother the guy. I didn't want to be seen as someone who is a bother. So I wrote him a note inquiring as to the whereabouts of the three pieces. I mailed it to the Chelsea location. It came back a week later, with a postal note that the forwarding order had expired. Apparently all mail for both galleries goes to the 5th Ave location.

So the next day I called the gallery a couple hours before it opened. I thought that maybe Ron would get in early, pick up the phone, and I could bypass the screening process.

Mary answered.

It was fun to finally talk to her. It felt really good. Like me talking to me or something.

She told me she is just one small person, and didn't understand my obsession with showing with her. Why not try another gallery?

I told her it wasn't an obsession. I simply admire her accomplishment, and that she has always been my fantasy gallery. She first broke on the scene at the same time I started painting in New York. The gallery I was most recently with had closed, so why not go for the dream? I told her I had already had something like 40 solo shows, and had been painting full time for 20 years, so it's not like I hadn't shown elsewhere.

She said that she recalled some of what I had sent, but that she gets inundated with stuff from all kinds of artists.

I told her I am special.

She said that's what they all say.

She said that I needed to know when to let go and move on.

I told her that I knew when, and that I had no problem with moving on. Just, well, as far as I knew, she had yet to actually see my work. Once she saw it and had met me, if she then decided to pass, that would be when. I asked her if I could bring by the series I'm working on, once I finish them?

She said to call her at that time.

I asked if I could stop in and say hello the next time I was in her gallery, and she said sure.

She said I seemed like a good person and that she hoped I would succeed in any case.

I told her that she seemed really sweet too, and that I was surprised.

She assured me she is a nice person.

I asked about the three small paintings.

She said she hadn't seen or heard of them.

She told me she would call me back after talking to Ron.

Tim Folzenlogen
January 27, 2001