Tim Folzenlogen

"The next big thing is everybody."

The Wae Show

Working at Wae is like living among Rock Stars.

The members are all rather outlandish characters - each and every one of them is packed with personality to the point of bursting – which happens all the time.

Being developmentally disabled, I guess they have certain limitations.

Well, it seems to me, that everyone has limitations of some kind.

It’s also true that one person might have better tools than another, while the next person may understand something more deeply. Just as our limitations are unique, so are our strengths and abilities.

What Wae members seem to have mastered (it’s who they are) is the ability to unabashedly love and trust others.

The ability to appreciate, and totally invest in, every single exchange.

In this regard, it is they who are the star athletes - while most of us hobble around on crutches.

This show is about and mostly made by them.

An exception to this would be the large facial portraits, in which some of the individual squares were done by staff.

The Wae Center couldn’t exist without its incredible staff.

We provide the structure - while the members breeze through us - destroying the limitations in our hearts and minds.