Tim Folzenlogen

"We are what we experience. Experience something new and become someone different."

Day Four – The Whitney

My first NYC show was on Greene Street (Soho), on the street. That show was of large charcoal drawings mounted under Plexiglas.

My second show was along the wall in front of The Whitney (1985).

(You can read about both these shows in the early part of the Mary Boone writings – the first half of which is the telling of my art history.)

Bill, the hot dog guy, was still there. I talked to him often over the years – every time I was in the neighborhood. We are like family now. When I first met him, he was looking for a girlfriend. Now he has three kids, who live with his mom and wife in Greece. He shows me photos.

There was no place to sit low, as the sidewalks get crowded when the light changes – so I sat above them all, looking down to them this time.

Still, somehow, it worked just fine.

The Whitney is on The Upper East Side.

The Upper East Side is mostly old money – whereas The Upper West Side is new.

Old money has its charms.

When I first showed here, I felt like Sonny Boy. The kid. Maybe greenhorn from Cincinnati with stars in my eyes – as I was new to NYC at that time.

Old money respects that kind of thing. I was obviously working hard, using what I had to work with – and old money respects that entrepreneurial spirit.

Now, with twenty years and forty solo shows under my belt, I sat up high.

That’s where they wanted to see me. Still going at it full force – undaunted by the bad economy – using it to my advantage. People tend to think more deeply during down times – and maybe being on the street is the perfect place to be.

So I was happy to be there – and they seemed happy to see me.

I felt like I was passing out cards to all my rich aunts and uncles at a family gathering.

May 15, 2003